+  Transmission , Distribution and Substation
11KV-330KV Current and Voltage Transformer
415V-33KV Switchgear And C-GIS
11KV-33KV Load Break Switch
11KV-400KV Disconnect Switch
400V-33KV AVR And Tap Changer Switch
11-330KV Circuit Breaker
3.3KV-33KV Vacuum Contactor and Interrupter
11KV-330KV Lighting Arresster and Fuse
Shield Wire,Earthing Grid ,Electrode And Resistor
Metering,Protection,Controlling,SCADA and Relay
400V-132KV Auxiliary and Power Transformer
11KV-230KV XLPE ACSR Cable and Accessories
525V-11KV Capacitor Bank and Comtroller
110VDC/230AC Batteries and Chargers
11KV-33KV Compact Substation
Electric Power Componets and Accessories
72.5KV,145kv,230kv GIS
   +  Design,Supply,Erection and Commission
100M Lift Head Solar Water Pump
150MW HFO/DISEL/GAS Generation Sets
1000W-1MW UNGRID Solar Power Station
11KV-145KV Pad Mounted Power Substation
Solar,Wind Power Lighting Project
   +  Cooperation,Developing and Manufacturering
Cooperation,Visiting and Developing
Producing,Inspection and Shipments

1. We are complete supplier of 33kv,66kv ,132kv electric power substation,we look for cooperator from substation engineering contractor or Turkey contractor for delivering ,designing ,testing and commissioning.

2. We like to cooperate with electric power Generator manufacture or saler for complete the 33kv ,66kv ,132kv electric power plant.

3. We like to cooperate with consult company for supplling 400kv -800kv electric power equipments in the world.

4.we like to invite power man in the world as our saler and consult for electric power engineering and complete supplying of HV LV electric power material.

5.we like to coopertae with power man to set up a common brand to extend the electric power market in the world.

6.we like to invite power man to set the sub office or sub factory to extend the electric power maket

7.we liek to be in ventured  with  power man or company in china or any good business contries to improve the business with common profit 

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